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Why build your pool with Gunite?
✓ A Gunite pool does not have any joints.
✓ 100% waterproof frame.
✓ It is a pool with excellent seismic behavior.
✓ A Gunite pool is resistant, where really needed.
✓ Space and excavation costs savings.
✓ A Gunite provides full freedom of shaping.
✓ Predetermined budget.
✓ Final coating with plaster or tiles or pebbles.
✓ A Gunite puts an end to painting works.
✓ Warranty for the entire project.

The advantages of pool construction with gunite
☞100% anti-seismic construction.
☞100% tightness.
☞100% freedom of shapes.
☞100% elimination of leakage risk.
☞A pool with Gunite never needs painting.
☞Thanks to the internal curves between walls and floor.
☞100% ease of cleaning.
☞The automatic cleaner is able to proceed on the floor and walls without any difficulty.
☞Better water quality thanks to the recirculation ease
☞15 days are enough for pools 50m2 or 25 days for pools 100m2.