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Exclusive by Crystal Pools …
Easy installation both in new and existing pools.
MagnaPool system using magnesium, converts the water of the pool to mineral water. Thus, your water has beneficial and therapeutic properties that contribute to the welfare and overall body health. And of course, the experience of swimming in mineral water is incomparable!

Magnesium, an extremely useful element of nature …

Magnesium is found in sea water, the human body and in all living organisms. It is the main component of chlorophyll. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Furthermore, it is known for years for its rejuvenating properties in baths enriched with magnesium. It is also known that magnesium is suitable to relieve body aches and pains, for skin care and positive contribution to muscle problems.

Disinfection of water using a system which is based on magnesium …

MagnaPool system is the only system that uses magnesium for water disinfection. Thus, the pool water becomes mineral offering to your organism all the positive effects of magnesium. At the same time, MagnaPool system uses glass sand for water filtration, thereby making it even more clean and clear.
Through MagnaPool system
• Mineral magnesium salts are injected into the water
• The water is filtered through glass sand
• Hydroxinator system undertakes the automatic treatment of water converting magnesium salts into magnesium hydroxide, also known as magnesia milk which has such a soft composition that many people apply it directly to the skin in skin disorders or for wound healing.
Therefore, pool water becomes mineral and you enjoy all the benefits of magnesium and mineral water, while you do not need to track water balance, as pH and magnesium hydroxide generation is regulated automatically.

More specifically, the MagnaPool filtration system physically removes microscopic organic matter consisting of dirt and phosphate components before bacteria and algae manage to feed from it. Without any food source remaining, bacteria simply prefer not to live in your pool. At the same time, MagnaPool system converts magnesium salts into magnesium hydroxide or magnesia milk. This excellent magnesium compound in MagnaPool system also acts as a natural coagulant and flocculant thereby filtering the smallest impurities.

The Hydroxinator mechanism of MagnaPool naturally produces magnesium hydroxide, using a process similar to that performed within the human body for the defense of the organism against bacteria and disease. Simultaneously with the production of magnesium hydroxide, system MagnaPool produces non-composite chlorine which is also necessary for effective water disinfection. It must be noted though that it reduces by at least 40% the development of chloramines, compared to salt or plain chlorination systems, that is it reduces the components responsible for the unpleasant chlorine smell and the irritation of the eyes. These natural processes of MagnaPool are fully effective and leave your pool clean and clear, with mineral water that is gentle on the eyes and good for the skin and body.

Thus, you can enjoy in your pool all the benefits of magnesium and mineral water while

  • you no longer need to keep track of the water balance, given that MagnaPool system automatically regulates pH and magnesium hydroxide generation.
  • No chemical additives are required such as flocculant or algaecide, given that water purity and clarity is ensured by MagnaPool system.

The advantages of the MagnaPool system are the following:

  • Health and welfare grace to its therapeutic action: through the absorption of magnesium through the skin, the body is detoxified naturally; thus MagnaPool provides relief from stress, physical pain or discomfort in the joints. It also helps relieve skin conditions.
  • Using only natural ingredients for the disinfection of water: a mixture of magnesium and potassium from the sea
  • Environmentally friendly, since the diluted water from filter washing (backwash) may be used for watering the garden
  • No chlorine residues that harm the skin or discolor hair
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