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Disinfection of water with salt …

✓ Water chlorination with salt is a simple process that closely resembles that of the marine ecosystem.
✓ The pool water is lightly salted at 4 g / L corresponding to 9 times less than seawater.
✓ Through electrolysis in the special chamber, the salt is converted to chlorine gas which is a powerful disinfectant that diffuses instantly in water.
Thus, the active chlorine produced destroys all microorganisms and ensures the correct level of free chlorine in the pool

✓ The active chlorine reduced by UV radiation of the sun is constantly renewed in the chamber, without any intervention by the user.
✓ The water does not sting the eyes and does not smell chlorine.

Water quality and safe disinfection
System for the production of chlorine through electrolysis of salt by Zodiac, model Tri PRO which eliminates the need for constant monitoring of the chemical balance of the pool water.

The system includes
⚫ automatic PH metering and regulation system
⚫ automatic regulation of chlorine production (Redox)
⚫ Boost mode for increased chlorine production within 24 hours, for the cases of increased pool use or adverse weather conditions

⚫ Low mode for setting at low operation
⚫ Ph minus storage container
⚫ LCD screen with menus in 7 languages
⚫ Titanium electrode for reliable operation and long service life
⚫ Electrode self cleaning system, according to water hardness (every 2.5 or 5 hours)
⚫ Security system: automatic stop in case of insufficient water flow
⚫ 2 years guarantee